The People of Uganda

Uganda is lush. As hothouse of flora and fauna, the people seem to fit in like beautiful exotic birds with splashes of prints and colors. It’s a gorgeous, picturesque country (obviously great for travel photos) and it’s citizens are truly the most kind and genuine people I have met anywhere.

Tin Wornom is an avid traveler and funds her adventures by dressing people and shopping for clothes for commercials. She enjoys markets, exotic food, and kicking butt (she’s a krav maga enthusiast). She’s a backpacker but also enjoys the finer things (but only if they accept credit cards). Her goal is to go to every country and territory in the world, conquering one place at a time.

World Photos You Need to See:


  1. Looks like it was a very inspiring trip for you.

  2. Devin Galaudet

    It is the kind of shot where I bit I would have wanted a fisheye lens. Was it really crowded?

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