Not So Fierce Creatures in Rio, Brazil

These two cuddly creatures check out the onlookers as this picture was taken in Rio, Brazil.



Ms. Ragana is a writer, teacher, and speaker. Most recently, she has spoken at The Mythological Roundtable of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, the Temescal Canyon Salon Series and the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles. She has also been featured on radio discussing literature during Banned Books Month, the Celtic roots of Halloween, and Celtic rituals in contemporary times. Her publishing credits include A Woman’s Europe, France Today, the Los Angeles Times, LA West, Trojan Family, Mobius: A Journal for Social Change, wordriver literary journal, and Myths of the World, an audio book. She loves travel, hiking, rock-climbing, and ballet. Her adventures around the world and in the ballet studio have made her doctor a wealthy woman. When she’s home she lives with her pack of four dogs and is actively involved in dog rescue and adoption.

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