Lounging in Colorful Guatemala

This is my favorite travel photo I’ve ever taken. I took it about 8 years ago and it defines travel, in general to me.  I took it with my film camera and didn’t even know I had the shot until I got home and developed the film. The kid woke up and positioned himself just as I snapped the pic. The beauty of Guatemala is in the people, the architecture, the food, and in the culture. There is not one area neglected, especially when it comes to fabric and dress. It seems they don’t know how to do subtle, and for that, traveling Guatemala suits me just fine.

Tin Wornom is an avid traveler and funds her adventures by dressing people and shopping for clothes for commercials. She enjoys markets, exotic food, and kicking butt (she’s a krav maga enthusiast). She’s a backpacker but also enjoys the finer things (but only if they accept credit cards). Her goal is to go to every country and territory in the world, conquering one place at a time.


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