A Farm in Misiones Province, Argentina

In this travel photo is a typical farm in the remote area of Misiones Province in northeastern Argentina. I was fortunate enough to explore the rural areas as a guest of friends who return there regularly to visit. Most tourists enjoy the spectacular beauty of Iguazu Falls, but I was thrilled to also experience the culture of Argentina. I found the people to be gracious, friendly, outgoing and happy despite the poverty that many of them face. Most of the farms raise tea, the most popular being yerba mate. The drink reminds me of sipping warm water through straw, but it is a custom there and you see people traveling with their thermos of mate the same way that North American’s like to carry their cup of java.

Diane Zorn is a freelance writer lucky enough to live in the vacation land of Osoyoos, BC, Canada, where she has worked as a reporter/ photographer for the local newspaper. Early in 2011 she registered with College of the Rockies to fine-tune her skills through a travel writing course. She plans to spend her retirement traveling to wonderful destinations and writing of her adventures. Her favorite travel places are Thailand and Argentina, but she has journeyed extensively throughout North America.

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