Camera Talk: Tamron Lens

Camera Talk: Tamron Lens

I just came back from buying a new lens for my Canon Digital XT, a camera I have fought with due to its size and professionality. During long trips, I find my self saddled with this camera, weighing on my neck everywhere I go. I secretly envy the person who pulls out a tiny micro camera for a quick shot and then places the camera back inside a shirt pocket. I also feel a bit inferior to all of its abilities and my lack of photography skills, although I occasionally surprise myself and others with the pictures I bring home. I appreciate the XT picture quality and knowing that when I take photography seriously, I will have a camera that will meet most of my demands.

However, this thought is not about the camera. I have been using two lenses for the last couple of years. One for short focal lengths (close up) and one for long (distance). I have been satisfied with both, but the nature of a two-lens package means that I will be changing lenses – usually at the most in opportune moment. Recently I was in a jungle on a small island in Malaysia using a short-range lens. Why would I need anything else when surrounded by dense vegetation with the sun going down. However, a family of spider monkeys, or gibbons, or something started fighting in the treetops and the short-range lens wasn’t cutting it. Or another time, I had my long range lens on for taking landscape pictures of Mexico from a moving van when five (!) little kids wearing huge sombreros were stacked on the back of a single donkey. In both cases, I was stuck trying to scramble to get shots I eventually missed.

I may have found a solution to my lens issues. I just picked up a Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di zoom lens, which should cover both worlds. While I have not given it a good go yet, I hope it might solve the revolving lens issue for those hard to get, on the spot photos, and lighten my load.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the pros and cons to using an all in one lens for traveling?


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