Camera Talk: Shadowing

Camera Talk: Shadowing

After doing some mild picture talking in the neighborhood, which mostly included parked cars, street signs and the like under normal conditions, I found my new Tamron AF28-300mm Lens fast and responsive. However, when I read the instructions, something I never want to do because I want to assume I know everything, I read about potential problems when using the built-in flash.

Although, I did not find any hint at the shadowing on any off my test photos, there are clear instructions to the possible shadowing of the lens when using the built-in flash of most cameras. This is not an unusual as larger lenses with a lens hood make it possible for light to be impeded from the flash and creating shadows on the final image. This is also true for my Canon Digital XT.

Ultimately, this means I have to buy an external flash, something I was planning to do anyway. Moreover, it is also a good idea that I buy it sooner than later. I have found getting use to new equipment at home, in my front yard instead trying to learn the finer point of my lens, or other new equipment, in the field, jungle or at some other exotic travel destination.

So, I have a wedding I am going to this week (as a guest, not the photographer), which will be the first real test of my lens. I plan to shoot in focal extremes, taking the camera from 28-300mm, in a variety of situations. I will throw up a couple of shots after the wedding.

I will also be in the market for a XT compatible flash, any suggestions?

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