Camera Talk: Packing for Greenland

Camera Talk: Packing for Greenland

As some of you know, I am slowly transferring over all the Camera Talks from ITKT to their new, more suitable home on Photos at In The Know Traveler. I debated this one as it is dated in talking about my trip to Greenland. I decided to just add it. While old, it feels somewhat relevant when deciding what to bring on a tough trip. –dg–

This coming Thursday I will be part of a group of travel writers heading to Greenland. Of course, the weather will fluctuate between cold and really cold. I will pack for the occasion. I expect a suitcase overflowing with long underwear, sweaters, gloves, warm socks, knit caps – all made from the latest fibers to keep me warm – and a tripod.

I know what you’re thinking, a tripod sounds like an extra headache, especially when I am traveling to a place where every extra inch of luggage space might be better served by more warm clothes. I can’t argue. However, I realize this is no ordinary trip. It is not just the snow and ice that makes this trip potentially challenging, Greenland presents a light challenge too. In November, Greenland’s daybreak starts around 12 noon with the sun setting around 5PM, which gives me only a few short hours of natural light. If I want to handle nighttime and low light shutter speeds then a tripod is the way to go. Without a tripod, I risk that most of my photos will have blurred images. For me, it is not worth the headache to take chances. A tripod gives me my best chance of grabbing the Northern Lights or starlight reflecting snowscapes. So, while the imposition of lugging around a space-gobbling tripod in freezing temperatures is not high on my list, I know I will appreciate the clear memories and sharper images of Greenland after I return home.

I will also try to remember to set my timer so my hand activating the shutter won’t interfere with my shot.

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