Submit your travel photos

Submit your travel photos

Thank you for submitting your travel photos to In The Know Traveler and contributing toward our mission of collecting the 320 unique countries, cultural and geographical destinations in the world. Just fill in the blanks below.

While our mission is to gather galleries of the best travel photos in the world, our larger mission is to promote travel and cultural exchange as a whole. Maybe if we had more first-hand experience with people and cultures outside our own, maybe we could get along a little better. Her is the story of my inspiration from my blog, Travel Write Live.

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Submit your Photos Instructions

Submit your photos instructions to make sure this all goes easily.


Please use one form per photo.

Your Name: The name you want to be given credit when published.

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Write “Photo Submission”: Write “Photo Submission” plus include a title, but please note that we have to consider keywords, title length and several other factors before publication. This means we cannot guarantee using your exact title.

Write two or three lines about your photo that will definitely include the country the photo was taken and may include the city, what was happening in the photo, why you love this photo, what photography techniques were used, or any post-production done to the photo.

1000 Pixels Wide: Regardless of the original photo dimensions, I need to have travel photos with 960 pixels wide and 477 pixels tall in order to be featured on ITKT Photos. This means photo 1000 by 1290 (or some other pixel count taller than 477 is permissible. So would a photo 1500 by 477 (or some other pixel count wider than 1000 also works). We are working on a tutorial, in case you do not know how to do this.

Author photo 57×57: Include a photo of yourself of 57 pixels wide and 57 pixels tall. If you cannot do this, send in the best you can and I will do the rest.

This is my original work that ITKT can post: This box must be checked, and please do not post work that you do not have the legal right to share on our site. If you have more questions, please use the giant orange button at the bottom of these instructions and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please Read !!

Our desire to offer all 320 countries, geographic and cultural destinations hopes to becomes a one-stop of photographic inspiration. However, please only upload photos that you own the rights.


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Yes, we need photos

Yes, we would love to receive your travel photos from one of the 206 international countries that make up the world. While we are looking to get something from every country in the world, it not necessarily important to be the first of any destination.

It's a process

No, we are not paying as of yet, but with any new site it will take some time before we can make money. However, In The Know Traveler has been one of the few travel sites that pays artists for their work. We look forward to paying something in the near future.

Travel is art

While it will be fun collecting all 206 countries, our primary goal is to promote travel and offer our visitors compelling, beautiful images that inspires travel. If you have something like this please let us know. photos

Submit your travel photos