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Our goal is to get photos from every place on Earth, please help! So far we have 100 of 321. That's less lame.

ITKT’s Photo Mission

The mission of In The Know Traveler Photos
F or the last seven years, ITKT has received thousands of articles about more than 150 countries to inspire travel. While we have always had a love for photos, we wanted something that showcased travel photography more. We wanted to bring the best art to our readers and give props to the great photographers who bring a far away place to life.

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320 Destinations

Yes , we are looking to get photos from every country in the world and had initially planned use a more typical list and include the 206 countries listed by the United Nations. However, after speaking with a friend and fellow traveler and go with the the Travelers’ Century Club’s official list of countries. There are a total of 320 as of March 2010.

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Submit Photos!

It’s easy. Go to our Submit your photos page and follow the instructions. We only ask that you are the author and have the legal right to offer your photos here. We allow link backs to personal and non-corporate web sites. As we are looking for more than the traditional 206 countries recognized by the U.N., the more obscure the destination the better.

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